Managed Security ServicesGold Package

Starting at $3,800 per month

Asset Discovery

Understand the playing field. Asset discovery services ensure 100% accountability of your computer systems.

Vulnerability Management

New vulnerabilities are identified every day. We use industry standard tools and threat intelligence to discover holes in your systems and networks before the bad guy does.

* Internal and External Assessments Available

Security Awareness Training

People are the weakest link. No matter how secure the system, the person continues to be the biggest variable in any security program. With on-line and on-site options, our training gives your business the most flexibility to maintain secure operations.

* On-Site and Off-Site Options

Phishing Simulation

How does your security stand up to the #1 attack vector? Our phishing simulation is optimized for your business, as it would be by an attacker in a real-world situation.

Network Monitoring

Our specialized monitoring platform is built, installed, and maintained by our team while physically residing on your network. Our tools are tailored to illuminate suspicious activity before it impacts your business.

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